The spinal diagnostic center at our Tampa surgery center is an integral part of the streamlined patient experience at Laser Spine Institute. The spinal diagnostic center was established to serve the preoperative needs of patients to determine their personalized plan of action.

Many of our patients have pain resulting from multiple areas of the spine and several conditions. Often this requires additional evaluation at our spinal diagnostic center prior to moving forward in the process with a surgical order. Diagnostic procedures performed in our spinal diagnostic center include diagnostic facet injections, selective nerve root block, MRIs, X-rays and discograms. The primary goal of performing diagnostic services is to optimize surgical outcomes and postsurgical quality of life. Laser Spine Institute physicians have extensive experience treating patients suffering from multiple conditions. Since our procedures are minimally invasive and do not require extensive recovery time, sometimes our patients will undergo treatment for more than one condition at a time. Treating multiple conditions at once eliminates hospital-related costs.

The spinal diagnostic center helps our medical staff to pinpoint the condition or conditions that you are suffering from and to order the most appropriate and effective treatment plan. Laser Spine Institute specializes in the following spine treatment procedures:

  • Foraminotomy — This is a minimally invasive decompression surgery that relieves pressure on the nerve root in the foraminal canal.
  • Laminotomy — A laminotomy is a minimally invasive decompression surgery in which a surgeon will relieve the pressure on the spinal cord due to a narrowing of the spinal canal.
  • Discectomy — Bone spurs, among other spine conditions, can cause herniated or bulging discs to compress a surrounding nerve. During our minimally invasive discectomy procedure, a portion of the disc is removed to decompress the nerve and help relieve pain.
  • Facet thermal ablation — If a facet joint in the spine becomes deteriorated, a surgeon can use a laser to deaden the nerve so it no longer registers pain. This procedure is normally used in conjunction with a minimally invasive decompression surgery.

The above procedures are used to treat these common neck and spine conditions:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Bone spurs
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis of the spine
  • Facet disease
  • Annular tears
  • Foraminal stenosis

While waiting for diagnostic services in our spinal diagnostic center, patients and their Care Partners will find plenty of comfortable seating and entertainment in our patient café.

Contact Laser Spine Institute today for more information and to receive a review of your most recent MRI or CT scan to see if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures at our Tampa center.