At Laser Spine Institute’s Tampa Surgery Center we offer a convenient, on-site MRI imaging suite. If you have not had an MRI in the past six months, if your symptoms change or there is any other medical condition that necessitates an updated MRI, one will be ordered and conducted at our Tampa Surgery Center. Laser Spine Institute is committed to a streamlined patient experience through providing a comprehensive surgical center at an all-in-one convenient location. Our on-site MRI Imaging Suite means that you don’t have to leave the surgery center to obtain an updated MRI if one is ordered.

MRI films, combined with patient-reported symptoms and pain, allow our physicians to pinpoint the location on your spine that will be operated on. MRIs help our physicians ensure that patients receive the best possible care while determining an accurate diagnosis and optimal surgical plan.

In our state-of-the-art MRI Imaging Suite, our expertly trained MRI Technicians will assist you throughout the entire procedure. The MRI procedure is painless and does not use X-rays. You will be instructed to remove all jewelry, hearing aids and other metallic objects prior to the MRI. Your MRI Technician will conduct a detailed safety screening to ensure that you are ready before the MRI is performed. Some patients may be asked to refrain from food and drink before the MRI procedure.

X-Ray Suite

Right next to our MRI Imaging Suite is our X-ray suite. Current X-rays are vital in the diagnostic process and are used in combination with your MRI and other diagnostic tests and procedures. X-rays also help our physicians accurately determine if you are a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure.

When you arrive for your X-ray appointment, you will change into a gown before the X-ray is administered. One of our skilled technicians will help to position you to ensure optimal results and imaging. The technician may also instruct patients on breathing techniques for before, during and after the procedure. The X-ray exam will last about 15 minutes. At the conclusion of the appointment, the developed films will be reviewed and discussed with you.