Laser Spine Institute Tampa surgery center offers a convenient location just minutes from the airport and beautiful views of the bay in Tampa, Florida. All services are integrated into one location for patient convenience. Within the walls of our 70,400-square-foot patient area, you will find complete clinical evaluation, state-of-the-art imaging, diagnostic testing, surgery and postoperative assessment areas. Our streamlined experience eliminates hospital-associated costs and helps patients get back to their lives faster.

Inside our Tampa center, you’ll find:

Designated Waiting Areas

The waiting lobby in our Tampa surgery center is staffed by several friendly employees, who will greet you with a smile, direct you to the appropriate areas of our facility, and answer any questions you might have. In our center, you will be introduced to your Laser Spine Institute Care Team.


Thirty-two Clinic Exam Rooms

Our Tampa surgery center has 32 private exam rooms where you’ll be able to consult with our staff about your condition and your procedure. Our exam rooms are where you will have your initial consultation. Care Partners are welcome to accompany you in these rooms while you review your MRI with the physician or receive your physical exam.


A Patient Café

Nearly 80 percent of patients travel from out of state, so it’s important to us that you and your Care Partner feel like our surgery center is a home away from home. While you’re here, you and your Care Partner can make use of our fully equipped patient café, which is outfitted with flat-screen televisions, books and magazines, games, free Wi-Fi and breakfast and lunch. We like to think of it as an oasis where you can relax and unwind between appointments.


Diagnostic Imaging Suite

Here, we keep all of our diagnostic and testing equipment, including an MRI and X-ray. You’ll come here when you need updated imaging or examinations before your surgery.


Preoperative Areas

Our preoperative area is where you’ll be before your surgery. Here, you’ll meet with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist, and you’ll go over all of the details of your procedure before going to the operating room. If you have any additional questions, your surgeon can answer them at this time.


Eight Class-C Operating Rooms

Our Tampa surgery center has eight state-of-the-art Class C operating rooms, which are prepared with all of the equipment your surgical team will need to perform your procedure. All of our surgeons specialize exclusively in our minimally invasive procedures and perform more minimally invasive, outpatient procedures each month than any other spine surgery provider in the world.


Postoperative Areas

Our postoperative area is where you’ll spend the first 60 to 90 minutes after your procedure. Our staff will monitor your vital signs to ensure that your immediate recovery is going as planned, and you’ll also receive your instructions for ongoing recuperation. Once you receive medical clearance and all your postoperative care instructions from your nurse, you and your Care Partner are free to return home or to your hotel room for rest and relaxation.

Our integrated Tampa surgery center also offers comfort for your support network of family and friends as they assist you during your time with us. We believe our patient-centered care is what makes Laser Spine Institute the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. If you have medical questions after surgery, contact the Tampa surgery center’s SPINE LINE at 1-877-712-6573.