Laser Spine Institute’s Spinal Diagnostics division is designed to serve patients who have pain in multiple locations. If this describes your situation, you may require extra evaluation at the spinal diagnostic center before undergoing surgery at our St. Louis facility. Our surgeons are capable of treating several conditions at once, so you may not need to return to our location for additional surgeries at a later point. Completing in-depth testing is one of the ways in which we will keep your surgical experience as streamlined and effective as possible.

By carefully reviewing your symptoms and determining their causes, our physicians will aim to improve your surgical outcome. Diagnosing spinal conditions can be tricky, especially when they involve radiating pain that spreads to other parts of the body. Our physicians may perform a number of procedures to help ensure an accurate diagnosis. They can complete a diagnostic facet injection, which can help determine if the facet joint in question is the source of the discomfort, or a selective nerve root block, which can determine the precise source of nerve root pain.

Our medical staff can also provide imaging services as necessary. In addition to taking X-rays and MRI scans to examine the spinal structures, we also perform discograms to determine if the cause of neck or back pain lies in an intervertebral disc. A discogram consists of injecting a dye into the soft core of a disc (or multiple discs) and taking an X-ray or CT scan. If the outer shell of the disc is cracked, the dye will show on these images, possibly indicating a symptomatic anomaly.