You will be scheduled to arrive at the preoperative area at a certain time on the day of your surgery. Please be sure to arrive on time so you won’t feel rushed throughout your preoperative experience. Also, ensure that your Care Partner accompanies you on the day of your surgery, because he or she will need to help you during and after your discharge from our facility.

In this comfortable area, you will meet your surgeon to review your final surgical order before you are brought into one of our Class C operating rooms. Your board-certified anesthesiologist will also be present at this meeting. Almost every surgery performed at Laser Spine Institute’s St. Louis surgery center uses intravenous (IV) sedation (a combination of pain medications and sedatives), as well as local anesthesia near the site of the surgery. Your anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthesiologist will work together to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout your procedure.

The minimally invasive procedures performed at Laser Spine Institute have very low rates of complications as compared to open spine surgery. For example, the average rate of infection at the incision site is 4.5 percent for open spine surgeries at hospitals, while Laser Spine Institute’s infection rate stands at 0.3 percent.

While you are discussing your surgery with the surgeon and anesthesiologist, be sure to ask any questions that you have about the procedure, the administration of the anesthesia or your immediate recovery in our postoperative area.