After your procedure at our St. Louis surgery center, you will transferred to the postoperative recovery area, where our nurses will monitor your vitals and help keep you as comfortable as possible as you recover. The anesthesia may cause you some grogginess and stomach upset, and the surgery may cause some lingering pain, but our staff can provide you with medication to ease these issues. When our staff determines that your condition has stabilized, your Care Partner will be invited to see you. He or she can then help you change out of your gown and into comfortable clothes.

Soon afterward, you will receive postoperative discharge instructions that explain what you can expect during your postoperative care and future appointments at Laser Spine Institute. In total, most patients remain in this postoperative area for 60-90 minutes, after which they are discharged and free to leave our St. Louis facility.

You should rest for the first 48 hours after your surgery. It is normal to experience some degree of nerve pain; if you can, you might take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories to address any irritation. You may also notice numbness or tingling, symptoms that can take from three months to a year to resolve.

Within 24 hours of your surgery, a Laser Spine Institute staff member will contact you to check your condition. Then, a day or two after the operation, you will attend a follow-up appointment at our clinic. During your visit, either a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner and a medical assistant will examine your incision, change your bandaging and provide you with instructions on wound care, additional dressing materials and postoperative care. You may also be given a prescription.