The Laser Spine Institute surgery center in St. Louis is appointed with 10 clinic exam rooms. Your initial consultation and all pre- and postoperative appointments will take place in one of these comfortable rooms.

Upon your arrival at our surgery center in St. Louis, you will be greeted, introduced to members of our medical staff, and directed to a clinic exam room. If you would like, your Care Partner is welcome to accompany you throughout your visit to listen, provide support, take notes and later help you recall the details of the discussions. Alternatively, your Care Partner might choose to relax in our convenient waiting area or patient café.

During your initial consultation, you will be asked to describe your symptoms in detail and provide a medical and surgical history that includes medications, allergies and other pertinent information. If you have a recent MRI or CT scan, the results of your imaging test will be evaluated by a medical professional to determine if you are a candidate for one of our procedures. Your current health will be assessed and documented through a thorough physical examination. Then, after gathering and reviewing all of this information, a physician will answer your questions and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you find the relief you need from chronic neck or back pain. If surgery is ordered by our physicians, you will then meet with one of our knowledgeable Spine Care Consultants who will guide you through the remainder of your surgical process.

At the Laser Spine Institute surgery center in St. Louis, you will find a comprehensive medical facility that was specifically designed to offer a streamlined patient experience. Within these walls, you can receive wide-ranging treatment, including a complete clinical evaluation, state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic testing, pain management, surgery, and postoperative assessment, all while avoiding hospital-associated costs.

To date, we have helped over 50,000 patients with their neck and back pain. Contact Laser Spine Institute today for more information and to receive a review of your most recent MRI or CT scan to see if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures at our St. Louis center.