When you walk into our Scottsdale Surgery Center, our friendly and knowledgeable Scheduling Coordinators will greet you in our waiting area and help you check in for your appointment.  They will also direct you to your daily appointments.

We encourage you to bring a family member or caregiver with you to appointments so they can be involved in your care and understand the process and procedures.   Having a support network of family or friends is important for a smooth recovery after surgery and helps improve patient comfort.

Our waiting area is large and spacious for ultimate patient and caregiver comfort and convenience.  The waiting area has been decorated with clean modern touches of artwork and lighting.  There are plenty of seating options including large armchairs, comfortable couches, leather chairs, and plush bench seating.  There is ample reading material throughout the waiting room.  Our goal is to make sure our patients are comfortable and cared for in our streamlined surgical experience.

Scheduling Coordinators at the Scottsdale Surgery Center serve as your concierge, guiding you through our streamlined patient experience.  After our physicians have consulted with you, reviewed your MRI, and ordered a surgical procedure, our Scheduling Coordinators will schedule your surgery, any additional tests that might be required, and postoperative follow-up.

Our Scheduling Coordinators are available to you to make sure you understand the streamlined patient experience, and also help to summarize completed appointments and review upcoming appointments.  At the Scottsdale Surgery Center, our Scheduling Coordinators will also make sure that you are fully educated and understand the payment contract, billing process, and insurance claims.

Laser Spine Institute’s friendly staff will guide you through the surgical experience and ensure that your time in Scottsdale is enjoyable.