When you arrive at the Scottsdale Surgery Center for your surgical procedure, you will be escorted to our Preoperative Area. Your family member or caregiver should accompany you on the day of your surgery. Make sure you arrive to your appointment on time – feeling rushed can cause additional stress. Additional stress on the day of surgery can make the experience less pleasurable and make it harder for you to relax.

Once you are checked in, you will be escorted to our Preoperative Area where you will change into a medical gown. Family members and caregivers will not be able to accompany you to the Preoperative Are but will be able to enjoy the Patient Café during your procedure. You will sign consent forms detailing the surgical procedure to be performed on you. A registered nurse will start preparing you for surgery. An IV will be started with fluids and eventually anesthesia medication.

While you are in the Preoperative Area at Laser Spine Institute, you will meet with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist. Your medical team will review your surgical order and anesthesiology plan. The medical team will also complete an assessment of your medical condition and current physical condition. If you have any additional questions about the procedure, your surgeon can answer them at this time. The patient experience in the Preoperative Area typically lasts from one to two hours.