Once your surgical procedure is complete, you will be transported to our comfortable Postoperative Recovery Area. Our medical staff will monitor your vitals. Our staff will make you as comfortable as possible while caring for you.

You may feel some discomfort from the surgery and queasiness from the anesthesia. Your recovery room nurse can provide you with medication if you are experiencing any discomfort or nausea. You can rest assured that our staff will do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable and cared for.

Your caregiver will be brought in to see you once our medical staff has determined that you have spent enough time stabilizing and recovering. You will then be able to change into your own comfortable clothing. Our staff will provide you with postoperative instructions for your discharge. You will also discuss the success of the procedure, required postoperative care, and your future appointments at the Scottsdale Surgery Center.

Our physicians typically order 48 hours of rest for our patients postsurgery. Within 24 hours of your surgery, a member of the Laser Spine Institute surgical staff will contact you to check on your progress and recovery.

After spinal surgery, it is normal to have residual nerve pain for a few weeks. The last symptoms to resolve are often tingling and numbness. These symptoms can take up to one year to completely clear up. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories may help to relieve any nerve root irritation or inflammation.

Two days after surgery you will have your final appointment at the Scottsdale Surgery Center. During this appointment you will meet with a medical assistant and either a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. At this appointment, the medical team will evaluate your incision and change your bandage. You will also be instructed on further wound care instructions and be given dressing materials to take with you. If your physician ordered physical therapy, you will be given the prescription and follow-up instructions. Our team will also make sure you understand all postoperative care recommendations and our follow-up protocol.

If at any time you have any concerns, contact one of our medical professionals by calling 866-249-1672. A Laser Spine Institute phone operator will answer Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to midnight Eastern Standard Time and direct your call accordingly.


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