At Laser Spine Institute’s Scottsdale Surgery Center we offer our patients an onsite, state-of-the-art MRI Imaging Suite.  This is just one of the conveniences we have added to help streamline the patient experience with Laser Spine Institute.  An MRI may be ordered for patients who have had recent changes in their symptoms.  Our physicians may also order an MRI if you haven’t had one within the past six months.

Once complete, your MRI will be reviewed by one of our physicians in order to pinpoint the location on your spine that will be operated on.  Recent MRI images help our physicians ensure an accurate diagnosis and provide our patients with the best possible care.  MRI images, combined with patient-reported symptoms, pain locations, and other diagnostic tests, help our physicians develop an accurate and custom surgical plan for our patients.

Laser Spine Institute specializes in the following spine treatment procedures; laser-assisted foraminotomy, laser-assisted laminotomy, laser-assisted discectomy, laser-based facet thermal ablation, RegenaDISC℠, and minimally invasive stabilization.  These procedures are used to treat these common neck and spine conditions; spinal stenosis, herniated or bulging discs, pinched nerves, bone spurs, sciatica, arthritis of the spine, facet disease, and foraminal stenosis.  MRI images help our physicians properly diagnose and treat these conditions with our innovative procedures.

At the Scottsdale Surgery Center, our expertly trained MRI Technicians will assist you through the entire MRI procedure.  No X-rays are used in the MRI procedure and the process is painless.  One of MRI Technicians will instruct you to remove any jewelry, watches, hearing aids, or any other metallic objects.  Our staff projects beautiful desert-scapes on the ceiling to enhance the patient experience and quell any nerves.  A detailed safety screening will be conducted by an MRI Technician, prior to the start of the MRI process.  Some patients may be asked to refrain from food and drink before the MRI procedure.

At Laser Spine Institute, we are committed to providing a streamlined patient experience.  We provide our patients at the Scottsdale Surgery Center with a comprehensive center, all in one convenient location.