At our Scottsdale Surgery Center we have 12 modern Clinical Exam rooms used for consultations and physical exams.  Your initial consultation, preoperative, and postoperative appointments will be conducted in one of our Clinical Exam Rooms.  We encourage your caregiver or family member to accompany you to your appointments.

At your initial consultation, one of our first-class physicians will review and discuss your MRI and X-rays.  The physician will review your films, diagnose any disorders, talk with you about a surgical plan, and discuss recommended treatment.  Our physician will make sure you completely understand the surgical procedure he is ordering for you as well as alternative treatment, potential risks, and benefits of the procedure.  Our physician will also perform a physical exam to ensure proper assessment of your current physical condition.    In addition, our physician may order additional testing such as a blood draw, EKG, or other diagnostic tests depending on your condition and health history.

During your initial consultation, you will also review, with our medical staff, any symptoms that you are experiencing, any medication you are taking, any allergies you suffer from, and provide a full medical and surgical history.

Our physicians complete a comprehensive assessment as many of our patients suffer from multiple spine conditions.   Diagnostic procedures preformed in our Scottsdale Surgery Center include; diagnostic facet injections, selective nerve root block, MRIs, X-rays, and discograms.   The primary goal of performing diagnostic services is to optimize surgical outcomes and postsurgical quality of life.  Our physicians may use spine models to help you fully understand the spine conditions you are dealing with and the recommend course of treatment.

At Laser Spine Institute, our physicians have extensive experience treating patients suffering from multiple conditions.  Treating multiple conditions at once allows for a streamlined patient experience and prevents against multiple surgical interventions.  It is not any more difficult for our patients to have multiple treatments at once as our procedures are minimally invasive and do not require extensive recovery time.

Our Scottsdale Surgery Center Clinical Exam Rooms include all the technology our physicians need to properly assess and treat your spinal condition.  In the Clinical Exam Room, your physician will use a computer to update and make notes on your electronic health record. Our Clinical Exam Rooms include an exam table, seating, view boxes, and digital screens.  Some of our exam rooms even have a view of the nearby McDowell Mountains!