Laser Spine Institute’s Oklahoma City surgery center has six clinical exam rooms where you will have your initial consultation and all necessary pre- and postoperative appointments during your time at our facility. Caregivers are welcome to accompany you in these rooms while you review your MRI with the physician or receive your physical exam.

During your initial consultation, our medical staff will review your MRI and talk with you about the symptoms you’re currently feeling, evaluate your medical history, discuss any medications you’re currently taking or allergies you have, and obtain any other relevant information. You’ll also be given a physical examination so we can record your most current health history. You and your physician will spend this time discussing a personalized plan of action that is best for your health. The clinical exam rooms are also where you will have your pre- and postoperative appointments.

A spouse or other caregiver is welcome to attend these appointments. We understand that there is often a wealth of information given during such consultations, and it’s always helpful to have another person there to absorb all of the details. We want you to ask any questions you may have during these consultations. Our physicians and medical staff are happy to address any questions you may have.