Laser Spine Institute’s Cincinnati Surgery Center has a state-of-the-art Spinal Diagnostic Center, where our expert physicians can evaluate your case to determine which treatment options are most appropriate for your specific situation.

At our Spinal Diagnostic Center, our medical staff will review your existing imaging scans, if you have them, to offer a second opinion on any diagnosis you may have already received. If you don’t have existing images (or if yours are outdated or insufficient), we can take new MRI scans and X-rays on-site. Furthermore, we can perform additional diagnostic procedures, such as discograms, diagnostic facet injections or selective nerve root blocks to further pinpoint the cause of your symptoms.

Because many of our patients report pain in more than one area, we’ve equipped our Spinal Diagnostic Center with all of the technology necessary to diagnose a number of spinal conditions under one roof. From there, we can tailor a treatment plan to each patient’s individual needs and goals.

No matter what spinal condition(s) you’re dealing with, your care plan starts in our Spinal Diagnostic Center, where you’ll be given an individualized treatment recommendation. For instance, we may recommend that you consider one of our minimally invasive procedures, such as a foraminotomy, laminotomy, discectomy, facet thermal ablation or minimally invasive stabilization, depending on your diagnosis. If your diagnostic tests suggest that a minimally invasive procedure isn’t the most appropriate option for you at this point in time, we’ll recommend the best alternatives for your specific situation.