When you check in for any of your appointments at Laser Spine Institute’s Cincinnati Surgery Center, you’ll report to our designated Scheduling Area. This area is spacious and comfortable, and every aspect is designed for a streamlined patient experience. This space will be your “home base” for every appointment after your initial consultation / MRI review.

Upon your arrival, one of our friendly and knowledgeable Scheduling Coordinators will take your name and information, send you to the correct room for your scheduled appointment and answer any questions that you or your Care Partner might have. These team members will serve as your concierges, pointing you in the right direction for all of your meetings and explaining all of the necessary steps you’ll need to take. They’ll also help you make sure all of your financial arrangements are taken care of with your insurance company.

Before you leave our Scheduling Area, our Scheduling Coordinators will summarize all of your completed appointments and the appointments you still have left. They’ll help you prepare for upcoming appointments by letting you know what sort of testing you can expect and when you’ll need to arrive.

If you’re not from the Cincinnati area, our Scheduling Coordinators can even help you make arrangements for accommodations, transportation to and from our Surgical Center and recommendations for places to visit. Ultimately, we’re here to make sure your time in Cincinnati is stress-free and enjoyable, and that all of your needs are met as both a patient and a visitor.