After you check in at Laser Spine Institute’s Cincinnati Surgery Center, a member of our staff will take you to our dedicated Preoperative Area. Here, you’ll be able to relax and prepare for your surgery, fill out all of the paperwork we need to have on file and be assessed by a registered nurse. You’ll also meet with your surgeon and anesthesiologist to discuss the plan for your procedure and go over any last-minute questions you might have. While you’re still in the Preoperative Area, you’ll also change into a medical gown and receive IV medications in preparation for your surgery.

Typically, you’ll spend about one to two hours in our Preoperative Area. Our medical staff will be accessible the entire time; we’re here to answer your questions and help you feel as comfortable as possible. Because there are quite a few things you’ll need to do before the surgery itself, we highly recommend that you arrive early for your appointment so that you don’t feel unnecessarily rushed and stressed.

While you are welcome to have your Care Partner come with you to your appointment, we do not allow Care Partners to enter the Preoperative Area without prior approval from the Nursing Director. Instead, our staff will help your Care Partner(s) find a comfortable place to wait and provide them with updates on your condition throughout the process. They’ll be able to meet with you in the Postoperative Area once the surgery is complete and your surgical team has monitored the first few minutes of your recovery.