Immediately after your procedure at Laser Spine Institute’s Cincinnati Surgery Center, you’ll be transported to our postoperative area where you’ll begin your recovery process. Our medical staff will monitor your vital signs to make sure your body is responding properly to the surgery, and will also help you manage any side effects that you might experience (such as nausea from the anesthesia or discomfort from the procedure itself).

After a brief monitoring period of approximately 60 to 90 minutes, we’ll bring your Care Partner in to see you. Your Care Partner can help you change out of your medical gown and into the personal clothing that you brought from home. He or she can also stay with you as your surgical team provides you with postoperative discharge instructions, such as:

  • How long you should rest after your procedure (typically 48 hours)
  • When you’ll receive a check-up phone call from Laser Spine Institute (usually within 24 hours after the surgery)
  • What sort of postoperative symptoms you might experience (e.g., residual nerve pain, numbness or tingling) and how long they can be expected to last
  • The best methods of managing your symptoms (for instance, anti-inflammatory medications for nerve root irritation)

You’ll also make an appointment for a follow-up visit at our Cincinnati Surgery Center, which will probably be scheduled within one to two days after your initial procedure. During this meeting, you’ll consult with either a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner, who will evaluate your incision, change your bandages and provide you with additional instructions for at-home incision care and recovery. Should physical therapy be necessary, we’ll provide you with a prescription and additional instructions for rehabilitation.