In keeping with our tradition of offering patients a streamlined experience, the Laser Spine Institute surgery center in Cincinnati offers a convenient, onsite MRI imaging suite. We understand that, like most patients, you would probably prefer to have your imaging tests performed within the familiar surroundings of your physician’s office, rather than having to take the time to travel to an unknown facility. This is just one more way that we foster an environment in which our patients’ needs are fully coordinated and addressed.

The Laser Spine Institute MRI imaging suite in Cincinnati is equipped with state-of-the-art MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and X-ray machines. This is important because many of our patients require new or updated images to aid in their diagnoses and treatment. For optimal results, MRI and X-ray images must be relatively recent. In general, this means that the images should be no more than six months old, and preferably taken when the symptoms last changed. With the latest imaging technology and equipment available at their fingertips, our physicians can quickly gather all images necessary to determine the cause of your neck or back pain.

The onsite MRI imaging suite at Laser Spine Institute in Cincinnati is a key advantage that helps our orthopedic experts ensure that our patients receive the best and most complete care possible. By eliminating potential issues regarding scheduling, patient travel and the communication of test results, we are able to spend more time with our patients and establish stronger relationships. With this goal in mind, we have designed our comprehensive medical facilities to provide integrated service within the walls of each surgery center, including clinical evaluation, imaging, diagnostic testing, pain management, surgery and postoperative assessment.